GaN is a new type of semiconductor materials suitable for making high performance UV sensors, which can totally reject visible light due to its wide bandgap. GaN-based UV sensors have the advantages such as small size, high sensitivity, visible blind or even solar blind, low power consumption and long lifetime. Earlier UV sensors are traditionally based on Si. However, since Si photodiode has a strong response to visible light, unwanted output signals will be generated, causing measurement errors. As a result, expensive filter has to be installed in front of the Si photodiode. GaN-based UV sensors can overcome this inherent limitation of Si photodiodes by providing much higher measurement accuracy for UV light. 
  Model Photosensitive
GS-ABC-5050XLQ 4 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W SMD 5050

Extra large chip size

GT-ABC-XL 4 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W TO39

Extra large chip size

GS-UVC-3535SQ 0.09 mm2 250-280 nm 0.052 A/W SMD 3535

Excellent solar blindness

GT-UVV-L 1 mm2 200-440 nm 0.27 A/W TO46 Indium Gallium Nitride Based Material
GS-ABC-3528Q 0.11 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W SMD 3528
Small package with quartz window
GT-ABC-L 1 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W TO46

Quartz window for high reliability

GS-ABC-2835S 0.11 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W SMD 2835
 Suitable for smart wear applications
GS-ABC-2016S 0.11 mm2 210-370 nm 0.2 A/W SMD 2016
 Suitable for smart wear applications
GS-AB-0603E 0.09 mm2 300-370 nm 0.2 A/W SMD 0603
 Ultra-small package