1.Epi Growth



     In the field of epi-service, over the past 3 years, GaNo Opto has sold GaN epitaxial wafers to more than 20 customers including enterprises, research institutes, and universities. Our service includes:

(1) We accept GaN epitaxial wafer orders for small volume prototyping. Mass production is available based on our partnership with major industry companies.

(2) High quality epitaxial structure we can provide includes: AlN template, AlGaN, p-GaN, n-GaN, u-GaN, AlGaN/GaN HEMT, LED, and customized structures.

(3)Epitaxial growth on sapphire, SiC and larger diameter Si substrates is available.


2.Chip Processing


    Owing to its complete capability in epitaxial growth, chip processing, testing and sorting, GaNo Optoelectronics not only can supply its customers with packaged UV sensors, but also can provide its customers with high-quality UV sensor chips based on GaN or SiC. The customers can then package these bare chips in their own way to meet their special requirements.

Bare GaN UV sensor chips


    Besides, GaNo Optoelectronics can also customize UV sensor chips in accordance with the customers’ demands, including design and volume production of UV sensor chips with specific spectral response bands such as UVA, UVB and UVC, UV sensor chips with super large/small photosensitive area, quadrant UV sensor chips, and UV sensor arrays.


5×5 mm2 super-large AlGaN solar-blind UV sensor chip